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FÉG HD-18 Sporting Rifle

Loading and Unloading of Magazine ->

Please note that HD-18 (as SVD Dragunov pattern) uses different style and featured magazine, as the general AK/AKM based rifles.

Accordingly, the Loading and Unloading technique of the rifle is differs too.

  1. Use the Front-Lug on to connect the Magazine to the rifle.

  2. Pay attention, that the edge-line between the two steps on the Front-Lug will be paired with the Receiver’s edge.

  3. The Front-Lug needs to be guided-in, on a curve path. “Hooking”.

  4. After then, the Rear-Lug should be turned-in into the Magazine Catch.

  5. To unload the Magazine, press the Magazine Catch forward, then turn-out the Magazine.

In case of misalignment, please repeat the steps.